Public wealth funds –

Supporting economic recovery and sustainable growth

A new report on Public wealth recommends funds as a tool to support the economy through Covid-19 today. The foreword by Martin Wolf of the FT is nothing but a wholehearted endorsement: “Public Wealth Funds are an idea whose time has come. This important study explains why this is so and how to create them successfully. It should not just be given close attention. Its ideas should be implemented, particularly by governments determined to “level up” regional inequalities and “build back better” after Covid-19.

The report is co-authored by Dag Detter, who led the restructuring of the Swedish government portfolio and advises governments worldwide on public wealth management and Stefan Fölster, who together wrote the‘The Public Wealth of Nations’ (2015) which was  listed as the book of the year by both The Economist and The Financial Times and the ‘Public Wealth of Cities’(2018); the third author is Josh Ryan-Collins, Head of Macroeconomics at UCL IIPP and author of ‘Why can’t you afford a home?’ and Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing.

Read the report here or here.

The IMF was also interested and published our blog here.

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